Saturday, 21 November 2015

WWG - Antigua Cervecería Munich

The Antigua Cervecería Alemana at the Costanera Sur which now serves as the "Museo del dibujo, is an iconic gathering place in Buenos Aires.
Dating back to 1927 it resembles the typical watering holes found in Munich, Germany. Adorned externally with statues and internally with stained glass windows with beer drinking themes, it is a must visit if you stroll by the reserva ecologica at the Costanera sur.

Even though it houses the comic museum or "Museo del Humor", They kept the main saloon of the beer house with its original decor. When I was there they had a show with singers that entertained the customers while they had their tea .

La Antigua cervecería Munich es un lugar digno de visitar si vas a pasear por la Costanera Sur. Hoy funciona el Museo del dibujo y la ilustración, que también es muy interesante, con reseñas de las historietas mas famosas de argentina.

El edificio fue restaurado y conserva la decoración alegórica típica de las cervecerías alemanas..
La parte principal de la cervecería fue conservada y sigue funcionamdo como cafetería. El día que yo estuve había un show con cantantes vestidos a la usanza de los 20s, que creaban un ambiente muy pintoresco.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

In passing snapshot - the taxi driver monument - Costanera Sur

Buenos Aires is  a city with many parks and greenery, most of them with monuments to heroes or great achievers of the past. I think that this monument to the taxi cab driver, found at the costanera sur is a clear example of common sense, giving homage to people that render a public service and that are an icon of the city.

Paseando por la costanera sur me encontré con este monumento al "Tachero". Me parece una muy buena idea homenajear a las personas comunes que rinden un servicio a la comunidad. A veces hay decenas de monumentos de un mismo procer, o de intelectuales extranjeros que no tienen ningún impacto en la vida cotidiana de los porteños.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

At the Comicon 2015 in Buenos Aires

This weekend I checked out the Comicon 2015 at the Costa Salguero Convention Centre. This yearly event gathers all the comic,movie and game fans. besides the usual company kiosks with overpriced colectibles, you get to be with your favorite characters.

It also features a Cosplay competition for all who want to join. I was surprised at the quality of the costumes, considering that they are custom made and paid for by the people who wear them. I particulary liked this Queen Amidala, that got a third place in the contest.

El finde pasado estuve en Comicon 2015, en el Centro de convenciones Salguero. Fue un éxito rotundo, no había prácticamente lugar para caminar.
El Comicon es la reunión anual de los fans de videojuegos,comics y películas. Las personas pueden asistir caracterizados como los personajes de los juegos y participar de un concurso de cosplay.
Realmente los felicito por la calidad de los disfraces, que dicho sea de paso, son confeccionados por los participantes.

See the PDF here

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

WWG - Worth While Going - Festival El Cine Cocina

Today I would like to start a new section on this blog. The Worth While Going tag or WWD will be awarded to those shows or places that really merit to be visited.
The first one goes to "El Cine Cocina, festival de cine culinario". sponsored by the Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires, from October 31st till November 6th, 2015

The festival consists of conferences, movies and cooking workshops from around the world.
On Monday the 2nd I attended a conference on food photography by Mathilde l'Ecotais.
On Tuesday the 3rd an Indian food class by chef Rabindra Patel, followed by a documentary called "He Himself cooks," showing the kitchen of the Golden Temple in Punjab India that feeds 100 000 people a day.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

At the Casa FOA 2015 in Buenos Aires

The casa FOA is a yearly architecture & design show held on different venue for the last three decades, many of them abandoned or uninhabited, which are restored and decorated with a different theme on each room according to the company or studio that has the assignment.
this year its is held at an Beauxs art palace in Retiro located at Basabilvaso 1233 from Oct 23rd till Nov.30th.

I think its a great idea to rescue buildings that otherwise would be neglected, and at the same time promote new ideas

I personally enjoy the exterior architecture and the interior rooms that were kept with its original boiserie, but since the mansion has lots of rooms, there´s something for every taste.

In passing snapshot - Friendly neighbouhood violinist

Funny stuff you find on the subway. I saw this gentelman with a spider man suit playing the violin at the Plaza Italia subway station.
I think that his marbles were on the short side cuz he was basically making noise. nevertheless he was spreading joy and providing a colourfull scene.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The cultural scene in Buenos Aires

Today I would like to ramble about the cultural scene in Buenos Aires, which offers a wide array of paid and free performances year round. Unlike some cities that only come alive during the summer, you can find concerts and talks all year round, including outdoor ones.

This week I managed to attend two, the first one a Renaissance music concert at a church, and the second one a live broadcast of the "Romeo and Julliet" valet, right outside the Colon theatre.
Both were well attended which testifies to the cultural appetite of Argentines, even though they tend to brag a lot and emit opinions on subjects they know nothing about, they tend to be cultured at an European level.