Tuesday, 25 November 2014

In Passing Snapshot - The Tiramisu

There are cities where you can loose weight, by easily abstaining from its bad food.Buenos Aires in not one of them, here you can find excellent food at any small restaurant. Such is the case of this piece of Tiramisu I ate last week at a small bar in Villa Crespo.

Five best places to eat meat in Buenos Aires - La Estancia - Downtown

La estancia is located  just a few blocks away from the "Obelisco"at calle Lavalle 941 in the pedestrian area of downtown Buenos Aires. It is a very well groomed tourist oriented "Asador Criollo" which is commonly used as a meat presentation card of the City.

Prices are fairly cheap considering its location, but I do recommend venturing into other "Parrillas" located deeper into the neighbourhoods for a better feel of the authentic parrilla.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Resting in "La Pampa"

When people talk about the pampas, they normally refer to its "empty vastness", an ideal place to rest while living the life of the"gauchos", the famed Argentine cowboys. Well i have to confirm that it really is an ideal place to rest, as experienced at an "estancia" (ranch) that I visited close to the city of Madariaga in the Buenos Aires Province.

there are many Estancias that offer hotel style lodging all over Argentina. The one I visited belongs to a friend and is a real ranch where they grow cattle and plant soy and sunflowers. Of course I rode horses, hunted, and did other rural activities, but as a photographer I also indulged in photographing the Pampean panoramas, that attract so many north Americans and Europeans  to this latitudes.

and also the chance of talking to the country folk that work the land and the herds. I recommend going there in spring, since all the animals are with offspring and it isn't as hot as in the summer.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Top 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires - Los Inmortales - Downtown

Los Inmortales or "the Immortals" is dedicated to a generation of writers, artists and bohemians it Specialises in “pizza a la piedra” which basically is a hard crust pizza. Its flagship house is the one in Av. Corrientes which was founded in 1952. This is also a place to sit down and enjoy a full meal. The prices here are tourist oriented so you will pay the full price of a good pizza, this is the one on lavalle street.
 With 3 locations in the city of Buenos Aires, Lavalle 746, Av. Corrientes 1369 and Paraná 1209

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

In Passing Snapshot - the "San Lorenzo" Bus

Sometimes you snap a photo just cuz you like the shape or colour of something you see. On this occasion walking to a shoot in Villa Urquiza, y saw this red bus, and did some shots and was on my way. Upon further analysis,  I realised that this was an unique bus only to be found in Buenos Aires. First because its a classic Mercedes Benz "Colectivo" that circulated from the 60s till the early 90s in Buenos Aires. To such an extent that they even have one in the M.B. museum in Stuttgart. Secondly its painted with a red and blue theme dedicated to the "San Lorenzo" soccer club, that even has the Pope as one of its fans.

Monday, 20 October 2014

La feria Masticar - chew on that

Dropped by the 2014 edition of the "Feria Masticar" on its last day, since it ran only from the 16-19 October. As its name says, it specialises in chewable stuffs, as well as gulping fluids.

They had kiosks  with most of the famous eating joints in Buenos Aires along with others that sold raw ingredients, fruits and veggies.
Now the one that caught my Canadian eye was the beer tasting bar set up by Stella Artois, filled with thirsty customers waiting for a free glass of cold beer.
The guys tending the taps were quite friendly and instructed the drooling customers on the 9 step pouring ritual, which the beer maker uses on its worldwide add campaigns.
Overall the exhibition was well organised and the entrance ticket was around 4bucks. I definitely recommend checking it out on its next editions.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Top 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires - La Guitarrita - Nuñez

Located at Cuba 3300 in the Nuñez neighbourhood home to the soccer team River Plate, it is worth visiting and can be accessed by subway.
I always like to try the house´s own pizzas when they have one, here you can check out "la Atomica" (Atomic) and the "Don Grillo", named after one of the pizzaiolos that worked there for decades, and also the fugazetta rellena, which is an onion pizza with cheese.

Decorated with a soccer theme, it has banners from most soccer clubs in Argentina, along with photos of their idols. The service is quite good and the place has transformed itself from a neighbourhood pizzeria to a fine eating institution in Buenos Aires.