Sunday, 20 April 2014

Waves of the River Plate

Last Sunday afternoon was a very depressing one, so I dashed to the Rambla to see if I could catch a nice sunset. To my surprise the River Plate was at its peak bashing waves against the river walk, and as Robert Capa once said. If your photos are not good enough, its because you were´nt close enough.
definitely I got close enough, enough to get soaked at least, but I got some nice shots too.
See the Pdf here.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Montevideo´s Main fire Station

One building that´s gonna catch your eye while visiting Montevideo is the "Cuartel general de Bomberos"located at the intersection of Colonia and Minas streets. actually it covers the whole Block.
It boasts a nice tower and castle type architecture.
In passing I asked the officer in charge if I could take a peek inside, and he very kindly agreed, even though its not currently open to the public. The firemen here are actually a branch of the police. I´ve been kicked out for taking pictures in front of the building in other countries.

What called my attention were the massive fire trucks that they had parked in the courtyard. In fact they are Russian made and they just got here (the army also uses them). I can´t imagine how big their gas budget is, cuz they look like massive guzzling machines to me, but for sure they paid a tenth of what an american made unit costs. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Going to "La feria"

Las ferias are kinda Farmers Markets that you can find all over the Americas, they are places where you can buy from fresh produce to pirate DVD´s.

The ones I saw in Montevideo are very pictouresque because of the old trucks and buses that they use to transport the goods. I´m sure you would be presed for luck to find something older than the 60´s, and as I mentioned in other posts, they all run like new.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Petite fleurs d'automne

Well, summer is cumming to an end here, and the temperature dropped drastically, sending me down with the flu. After resurfacing I found these cute little flowers in the garden, as a welcome back gift.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Old beaters

It amazing how good footwear can make a difference when out on photo ops. A good pair of shoes that keep you dry, comfy and give you the necessary traction to climb rocks,trees, or just run for your life.
At first I used to spend over 100 bucks on my hiking boots, but with time I realised that when it comes time to take a beating they all react pretty much the same, and after two years, you already think about dumping them to save some weight on your plane luggage.
These I bought at walmart for 30 bucks, and they did the job. All the jobs, like biking, hiking,  gardening,camping and even house painting. so inevitably after three glorious years they made it to the gallery.
I do have another pair of 5.11 tactical boots that I use for more city like photo jobs, but that´s matter for another post.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Five best Places to eat meat in Buenos Aires - La Posada de 1820 - Bank district

Even though 1820 is not just a Parrilla but a Restaurant, I´ll include it as a bonus.
Located at the intersection of Tucuman and San Martin streets in BA, its really close to most of the downtown attractions that you will probably visit. It has a very good menu and very cheap daily Menus.
I recommend it as an option when you go to Galerías Pacifico, instead of eating at the food court

Monday, 3 March 2014

Life in B&W

Some times you may feel the urge of shooting with the B&W mode on your camera, to get some dramatic effects or to revive your youth time when you had a totally manual SLR and you would do your own B&W developing.
But apart from nostalgic reasons, I think that there are some places or cities, that look better in monochrome, like say London or Washington D.C.

Montevideo is one of those places, so today I give you some shots of "La Rambla" and the "Faculty of Architecture".